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What is the most important about a movie? Screenplay? Budget? Visual effects? Awards? All these are very important things but the most important are the people who did the movie. Cast and crew members. The idea of this service is very simple – identify who worked on movies you like and suggest other movies made by same people. Recommendations for you based only on your preferences.

To build your preference network you will need to rate a few popular movies after registration.

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You can indicate how much you like (or dislike) a movie by using Star Points ranking system. Cast and crew members of that movie will add movie’s points to their score.

-2 Awful
-1 Bad
0 Ordinary
+1 Good
+2 Excellent
+5 Masterpiece

Movies with highest score will be recommended to you featuring people with highest score and their roles or positions in the movies you rated.

Let say you like movie “Forrest Gump” and movie “Django Unchained”. Based on your rating for these movies, the service may suggest you “Catch me if you can” because they are linked together through Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rate these movies to see how it changes the score of “Catch me if you can” (a simplified example where only Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio are taken into account, the real recommendation will count all actors, directors, producers and writers)
Rate the first movie:

Forrest Gump

Rate the movie

And the second one:

Django Unchained

Rate the movie

See how you rating changes the score of the third movie:

Catch me if you can

  • Movie score: 0

No complex algorithms, no other users data is being used. You will be surprised how well it works.

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